Buddhist-Christian Perspectives on Contemplative Practices and Religious Belonging


Buddhist-Christian Perspectives on Contemplative Practices and Religious Belonging

Tagung (Online Zoom Webinar) der Society for Buddhist Christian Studies in den USA

1./2. Dezember 2020

Die Jahrestagung der renommierten Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies findet erstmals eigenständig und als Online Zoom Webinar (Teilnahme kostenlos!) statt.
Dies stellt für alle an Fragen des Buddhistisch-Christlichen Dialogs Interessierten in Europa eine einmalige Gelegenheit zur Teilnahme dar!

Zur ihrer Tagung schreibt die Society im Einzelnen:

The Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies (SBCS) is a coordinating body supporting activities related to the comparative study of, and the practical interaction between, Buddhism and Christianity. The society welcomes scholars and practitioners who are grounded in different expressions of Buddhism and Christianity, and it encourages those who report on Buddhist-Christian dialogue and comparative study, both as historical research and contemporary practice, to employ analytical and theoretical tools and set their discussion within the framework of broader human history. As part of its annual conference, the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies will host two public panels over two days: “Contemplative Practices and Religious Experiences: Buddhist-Christian Perspectives” and “Natal and Convert Christians and Buddhists.”

Contemplative practices and religious experiences are at the core of much of religious life in both Buddhist and Christian religious life. Yet, they are often overlooked in the academic study of these religions and in religious studies generally. In the December 1 session, four panelists will present papers that examine these overlooked dimensions of contemplative practices such as Buddhist meditation and Christian contemplation within a dialogical and comparative framework of religious experience in interreligious perspective. The December 2 panel will engage in a roundtable discussion about diverse patterns of religious life in terms of religious ideals, praxes, and social organization in Buddhist-Christian dialogical context to gain new insights into the strengths and weaknesses of natal versus convert religious belonging, as well as the interaction between these demographics.

This event is co-sponsored by Georgetown University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies and its Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.

Instructions to join each session will be sent via email prior to the event to anyone who has filled out the RSVP form. Each session will be recorded and captioned videos will be posted to this page after the event date. Please RSVP to receive an email notification once they are posted.


Tuesday, December 1

4:00 – 6:00 p.m. EST | Contemplative Practices and Religious Experiences: Buddhist-Christian Perspectives

Paula Arai, Louisiana State University
Peter Feldmeier, University of Toledo
Kevin Hunt, St. Joseph’s Abbey
Kristin Johnston Largen, United Lutheran Seminary
Ruben L. F. Habito, Southern Methodist University (moderator)


Wednesday, December 2

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. EST | Natal and Convert Christians and Buddhists

Karen Enriquez, Loyola Marymount University (introduction)
André van der Braak, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Carolyn Medine, University of Georgia
Natalie Fisk Quli, Institute of Buddhist Studies
Mark T. Unno, University of Oregon (moderator/panelist)

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EST | Annual Business Meeting of SBCS

Leo Lefebure, Georgetown University (chair)